Kaid's ghoul


Attributes: Intelligence 5,Wits 1, Resolve 0, Strength
1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 1, Presence 1, Manipulation 5,
Composure 1
Skills: Athletics (Flight) 4, Brawl 1, Survival 3
Willpower: 1
Initiative: 5
Defense: 4
Speed: 15 (flight only; species factor 10)
Size: 1
Type Damage Dice Pool
Bite 1 (L) 3
Health: 2
special ability: cuteness

Vigor: 5 dots (to lazy to use so no one is aware of this)
Celerity:1 dot (usually to lazy to use this disciplines to)

Lazybones was a ghoul made by Kaid’s sire to watch over her. After he vanished she took over feeding Lazybones. He’s ruffly 30 years old, light brown and extremely lazy. His favorite blood type is AB- and he loves to drink from blood bags because he doesn’t have to work for it.


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